Trixie 12x12 - pastel -collection of the artist

Sandy- 11x14 oil - private collection

Callie-11x14-pastel-private collection

Roscoe- 11x14 oil- private collection

Summer Harmony-12x12 oil

Rango - 11x14 pastel-private collection

Sunflower- 11x14 oil-private collection

Baxter- 9x12 oil- pastel-private collection

Sara and Jordan - 20x24 pastel (private collection)

Cardinal - 4x6 - oil on canvas (sold)

24x30 oil-private collection

24x36 - oil-private collection

Red Winged Blackbird-8x10 oil on canvas - sold

Fledgling - 6x8 oil on canvas

Blue jay - 6x8 oil on canvas - private collection

Checker-11x14 pastel - private collection

Peanut - 11x14 oil- private collection

Bay Retriever- 12x24 oil

Bischon Pups - 11x14 oil - private collection